Leather Sofa Sets in Pakistan for Your Living Rooms

A leather sofa is high-quality and has been used for years. Leather should last 3 to 5 times longer than fabric. While real leather furniture is an investment in quality and beauty, there is a different range of leather options. 

You can buy your favorite leather sofa and make your home attractive. The Leather Galleria offers a high-quality leather sofa. Improve your living space, dining room, guest room, and kids' rooms.


Materials of the Leather Sofa Set

Leather Galleria uses different leather material to make our products, which are mentioned below:

Buffalo Vintage Leather

The Leather Galleria made great products using different types of materials. Buffalo vintage leather is the most durable quality. This leather is used for top-quality furniture or luxury furniture, it is thick in texture.

Nubuck Leather

Nubuck Leather is a common term in the furniture industry. Our furniture store creates a durable, comfortable, aesthetic style with Nubuck Leather.

Cow Leather

The Cow Leather type of leather is always a choice for sofas, armchairs, and bed sets, its smooth texture is stylish and comfortable.  

Buy Leather Sofa Set Online

Buy a leather sofa set online at our furniture store, Leather Galleria. You can explore a wide range of sofas. Impressive selections of affordable sofa sets are available online in Pakistan.

Benefits of Buying a Leather Sofa Online

When buying a leather sofa online, explore our website, leathergalleria.pk Our store offers several benefits: you can shop from your home without visiting any store, you can choose from a variety of products, multiple ranges, price comparisons, and a return policy.

Why Choose a Leather Sofa Set

Choose a leather sofa set because of its multiple features that make it perfect for others. A leather sofa is the best choice for your home decor and living space. 

Advantages of Leather Sofa 

Durable Quality

The leather sofa is of durable quality. Durability depends on daily cleaning, conditioning, and avoiding direct sunlight, which helps leather sofas last longer.

Easy to Clean

Leather sofa featuring an easy-to-maintain. The leather sofa's beauty is long-lasting and also easy to care for.

Comfortable Seating

A leather sofa is best for comfortable seating.

Timeless style

A leather sofa has a timeless style that is the best investment for many years.

Key Features of Leather Sofa Sets

Variety of Leather Types

The leather has a different variety of leather types: top-grain leather, full-grain leather, premium leather, genuine leather, etc.

Unique Designs

A leather sofa has many unique designs: chesterfield sofa, sectional sofa, L-shaped sofa, etc.


Leather sofas are best known for being eco-friendly because of their durability and aesthetic design.

Different Colors

The leather sofa has many different designs and different colors. You find your favorite color for your living space.

Leather Galleria Offers Unique Sofa Color Options

Leather Galleria is best known for its unique designs and unique colors. If your sofa color is unique, it will attract guests and also stand out in your room. Leather Galleria offers you a variety of unique sofa colors, like

  • Blue+ Earthy
  • Red+ Dark Gray
  • Light gray and dark gray
  • Rustic ore and solid wood 

Which Sofa Colors Are Perfect for Your Living Room?

The perfect sofa color for your living room depends on the room size, decor of your room, natural light, personal style, or personal favorite color. Consider all these things, and you will choose the best sofa color for your living room.

Types of Sofa Sets in Pakistan

There are different types of sofa sets in Pakistan. Choose from various designs and sizes, and find the best sofa sets that suit your space and style. Discover the traditional design of an L-shaped sofa. Some people want sofa sets with storage areas. There are different types of leather sofa sets in Pakistan.

Leather Galleria gives you multiple types of sofa sets and has provided you with unique designs, comfort, and different shapes.

  • 1 or 2 Seater Sofas
  • 3 or 4 Seater Sofas
  • 5 or 7 Seater Sofas
  • L shape Sofas

Latest Designs of Leather Sofas

With so many different styles, brands, and costs! It's hard to know where to begin. Now Chesterfield sofas, track arms sofas, and curved and modular sofas are in style. You can find the best sofa to match your existing one.

Leather Galleria is best known for its latest design of sofa sets, some are mentioned below. 

Modern Leather Sofa Design

Leather Galleria offers modern designs with stylish looks, sectional sofas, chesterfield sofas, bold colors, and textures with comfort and relaxation. Modern designs give an attractive look to your home. 

Trends in Leather Sofas

Trends in leather sofas with current design trends reflecting classic and modern aesthetics use the best leather, rich color, comfortable finish, unique design, and space-saving.

The Leather Galleria gives us the latest trends in leather sofas.

Prices of Sofa Sets in Pakistan

Different sofa sets have different prices in Pakistan.

  1. Local sofas usually range from 50,000 to 100,000.
  2. Branded sofa sets range from 100,000 to 500,000.
  3. Luxurious sofas range from 500,000 to 1,000,000.


Shop Most Popular Sofa Design in Pakistan

The most popular sofa sets are available at Leather Galleria. Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort, and ensure that luxury becomes part of our everyday lives.

Traditional Charm

Leather Galleria sofa sets have traditional charmed leather sofas that provide a level of comfort and softness, creating a comfortable seating experience because their structure gives a traditional look to your home. 

Luxury Comfort

Leather Galleria sofa sets have luxury comfort because of the good leather. The leather sofa has a comfortable seat, and plush cushions make it more comfortable. 


Leather Galleria gives you an affordable price for their customers. Shop our luxury sofa sets at affordable prices.  

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Thank you for exploring our collection of sofa sets. We are sure you’ll find the perfect sofa to improve your living space and provide years of comfort and style. Explore our collection online or visit our furniture store today to find your ideal sofa set.