Conceptualization of Leather Galleria

Leather Galleria is the brainchild of Muhammad Ajmal Cheema.

Mr. Cheema is the founder of Leather Field (Pvt) Ltd, the company that has been the largest leather garments exporter from Pakistan for over a quarter of a century. Leather Field has the largest and most compliant tannery in Pakistan.
With the increasing demand for luxury products in Pakistan and having one of the best tanneries that can produce upholstery leather of world standard, Mr. Cheema has set up Leather Galleria to fulfill the demand of high-end furniture manufacturers.

"Leather Galleria Store to Manufacturing Factory"

Witness the remarkable evolution of our Leather Galleria store! 🛍️✨ Explore the captivating journey from its original state to a stunning, redesigned space. Immerse yourself in the seamless blend of modern aesthetics and timeless charm. Our commitment to excellence reflects in every detail. Swipe left & right to see the extraordinary transformation.

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